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Surgical Laser

Surgical Equipment

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  1. Sharplan 40C - Surgical Laser

    Sharplan 40C - Surgical Laser


    Sharplan 40C CO2 laser
    Sharplan 40C [Sharplan40C] Pre-owned Lasers New Lasers Parts & Access. Clearance Scientific Flashlamps Laser Tubes Breakers HeNe Tubes Laser Parts Smoke Vac Filters Medical Lab Equipment Slit Lamp Tables Scanners & CPG's Handpieces Laser Heads/Bricks Laser, Laser Repair, Used Lasers, Sell Lasers, Medical Lasers, Tampa Laser, Laser Services.

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  2. Diomed 15 Plus - Surgical Laser

    Diomed 15 Plus - Surgical Laser


    Endovenous Vein Ablation used in Phlebology practice. This type of equipment has been used successfully by Podiatrists as well. Diomed Diode Laser Platforms DIOMED diode lasers are designed for multi-specialty application in minimally invasive surgery, open surgery, interstitial laser therapy and vascular applications. Operating at a wavelength of 810nm in the near infra-red portion of the spectrum, the DIOMED laser induces excellent hemostasis due to its high absorption in melanin and hemoglobin. Compact and portable, they fit neatly into the doctor’s office or operating suite and can be easily transported from one clinic to another or between hospital departments.

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  3. Cooltouch CTEV - Surgical Laser

    Cooltouch CTEV - Surgical Laser


    Cool Lipo/CTEV combination laser. Fantastic for body sculpting and endoluminal ligation of leg veins.
    Year : 2006
    Power Requirements : 110v
    Handpieces/Heads :
    has all equipment to do endoluminal vein treatments as well as cool lipo for body/face sculpting. Many cannulas and extras!
    Accessories & Consumables :
    Many surgical cannulas for the lipo!

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